Useless and/or Dysfunctional

Lars has put together a rather disturbingly large list of objects that are either useless or dyfunctional. Most of them have pretty YouTube Videos. Maybe one of them makes for a great gift.

Sony Rolly

Description: Music player that moves itself to music / sounds. Price: 300€ aka $375 Sony Rolly at; definitely useless. I like the video and the comment "if u played dubstep it will start killing people."

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard

Price: 170 $ Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad at; don't think that you can type with 10 fingers on this one ... so really dysfunctional.

Gesture Cube

Price: still in concept stage. So definitly dysfunctional. And when it goes into production ... it'll be quite useless.

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Description: Keyboard with small full color displays as keys. Price: 1517€ aka $2069 Optimus Maximus keyboard. I heard that it is too big for a keyboard (basically you have to learn typing again). So really dysfunctional.

iHouse SmartFaucet

Description: Faucet that, based on face recognition, adjusts the "washing experience" to the user's favorite. And you can touch it and something happens (as seen in the video ... I'm not able to speak this language). Price: Unknown. And of course, quite useless.

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