The term **nullteilerfrei** is a German word which means *"having no zero divisors"*. It's the property that distinguishes integral domains from just any commutative ring. More explicitly, it means that the equality $ab=0$ implies $a=0$ or $b=0$. In other words, zero generates a proper prime ideal. If you do not have the faintest idea what we are even talking about: Do not worry, here's your way out. The people behind this blag are enthusiasts of science and technology, who sometimes like to document their efforts of getting smarter. We like fast fourier transforms in assembler, webservers in Haskell, elliptic curve cryptography on smartphones, étale cohomology on schemes and funny prints on t-shirts. We're Mathematicians. We put the **ink** in **Think Tank**. If you want to contact us, here you go:
  • el-lars,wkyf@wafznllenzabobchqwkrkqr@.n.newajqcut
    I'm a freethinker from Germany and a software developer with a diploma in mathematics and a passion to teach.
  • (Jesko Hüttenhain)
    Mathematician & Hacker.
  • (Marc Schulz-Narres)
  • glfarhni-gbny,knoeg@@zsqkthnulzskltfsgweiltnerfrtpq.rxeikz,amd.@,de
  • (Tobias Gödderz)
  • (Simon Markett)
    I am a PhD student at the University of Warwick in pure Mathematics. Recently I developed an interest in Data Science and Machine learning.
  • -qkaead@fibnfrs-c.nvmsezypot
    I'm a professional Software Engineer in High Frequency Trading and used to work on Embedded Systems in Medical Technology. I was a PhD student once like all the other guys here, but I found out mathematics wasn't really my thing after all.
We share the Twitter account [@freiteiler](https://twitter.com/freiteiler) for everything that does not warrant an entire blog post. As a final remark, we have [friends who do cool photography](http://nachtling.com/), as you can see from our background image, which is one of Ralph's awesome photos. Thanks for letting us use it!

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