Getting started with speed-reading (spritz)

Most of you have probably heard of the new technology under the name 'Spritz' that allegedly enables you to read at a multiple of your usual pace. The concept is neither very new nor very complicated: Whenever we read a text, we do not scan every word, letter by letter, from left to right. Instead we focus on a single point for each word (apparently this point is after roughly one third of the word) and scan the whole thing in one go. So when we read text in the usual way, our eyes have to jump all over the place, trying to focus on the right spots and waste an awful lot of time in the process. The concept of Spritz is that you can focus at a single point on your screen and the app feeds you the words, one by one and in the right position. You can relax and let the words spritz into your eyes at high speed (yes, I went there). Since the idea is so simple, many different speed-readers (that's the general term that seems to have established itself) were published during the last few weeks. My goal was to find a nice speed-reader extension for my browser. Eventually I was successful and  learned quite a bit in the process. As requested I'll guide you through it: Most available speed-readers need to be opened in a new tab. Then you can c&p your text into a box and press a button somewhere. Clearly that requires an awful lot of clicking, usually the controls suck, often they can't handle the design of the text you want to read and many, surprisingly, even fail to understand the concept of speed-reading. However I was able to identify an extension for chrome under the name of 'jetzt' that does everything I wanted and more. The installation is straight-forward (if you know what you are doing that is. If you don't, you are like me and have to keep reading for a step by step installation guide) and all necessary information can be found when you press the link. The advantages in short are: * It is a browser extension, so you don't need to switch between different tabs. * The control is keyboard only, easy and does everything you want. * It is open source. * It really runs smoothly. If you, like me, have never worked with git before, you will be confused by the instruction to 'clone this repository' in the provided link. First off: you should start using git now! From what I have seen it is amazing and you will need it for the installation of the jetzt extension anyway. I will not talk too much about git, because this would justify yet another post and there are many people here, who know a lot more about it than me. Instead I will explain the steps that are necessary to install the extension: * Install git * If you are like me, then the installation process will leave you confused. Luckily we are not alone and I found a nice blogpost that first rants a bit about the installation wizard, but then provides explanations. You should now be able to choose the suitable options. * Open a commando prompt (for me 'git shell' was added during the installation process), and maneuver to the place where you want to store the files. * Type in the following commands (press ENTER for every comma):  git clone , git add jetzt,  git commit * You have cloned the repository. Proceed as in the link. * Learn more about git. For example here. * Enjoy your speed-reader!

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