The magic hands of the Phone Guy debunked

I was promised (and am paying for) a certain bandwidth $X$. But sites like indicated a bandwidth $Y$ (much smaller than $X$). To gather more empirical data over time and to make sure, that I am not hallucinating, I installed a Zabbix server on a Raspberry Pi (( and set up a monitoring for my Fritz!Box (( The data for the item "Fritz!Box DSL-Downstream" clearly indicated that $Y$ was around 6 Mbps. So I called my ISP and they ultimately sent the tech-guy to the rescue: He was at my home around 8:30 in the morning and measured the bandwidth with a small magical device. First at the basement where the cable enters the house and then at my office on the first floor. To my surprise, both measurements indicated a much bigger number $Y'$ (which was bigger than $Y$ and looks much more like $X$). He also left me under the impression, that everything was fine with my internet connection the whole time, which I might have believed. But: netcologne-zabbix-bandwidth Note the time, when something changed! I rest my case. He doesn't have magic hands. He cheated!

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