Ghidra After Crash

After a system crash, Ghidra greeted me with the message
Unsupported file system schema: idata
when I tried to open the project. The only place in the source code that contains this error message is line 130 of ((source code on github)). The corresponding exception only flies, if the function hasAnyHiddenFiles returns true. And this, in turn, only seems to happen, when there exists a file starting with ~. I really want to pretend as if that helped me a lot. It did not. I finally decided to check out the project directory and look for files starting with ~ though. Changing into the something.rep directory and executing the following command showed me that there where two such files:
$ find . -name '~*' -type f -printf '%s\t%p\n'
59      ./versioned/~index.bak
0       ./versioned/~index.dat
59      ./user/~index.dat
559     ./idata/~index.bak
0       ./idata/~index.dat
Interestingly they where empty, so I assumed they where not written correctly when Ghidra crashed. Thankfully there where two files ending in .bak, which are probably backup files. Overwriting the .dat files with the corresponding .bak files solved the problem for me #noideawhatiamdoing.

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  1. This worked for me, thanks. After this you should get another Java error but click x to ignore the error and everything seems to work fine from there.

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