Ghidra Font Size for Presentations

I'm known for my Ghidra stand-up comedy routines. In order to make them enjoyable for everyone in the room, the font size better be not as tiny as it normally is when you do your day-to-day reverse engineering. There are two places to consider: 1. menus, dialogs, etc. 2. specialized components like the assembly listing view and the decompiler # Font Size Override The first can be adjusted by editing the file, which is normally located in the support directory within your Ghidra directory (C:\Users\born\Programs\ghidra_11.0.1_PUBLIC\support\ on my machine). Just add the following somewhere in the file to adjust the font size to 23:
# Components In order to adjust the font size in dialogs, I recommend searching the settings dialog ("Edit" -> "Tool Options") for "font". By the time of writing this involved the following entries (I use 12 for small and 18 for presentations): * Byte Viewer * Console * Decompiler -> Display * Graph -> Program Graph Display Options -> Miscellaneous * Listing Display

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