Virtual Desktops rock and you should read this list of new shortcuts before complaining that there are none, like I did. Important ones: * WIN + TAB, new task view opens up and stays open. * WIN + CTRL + D, create new virtual desktop. * WIN + CTRL + F4, close current virtual desktop. * WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT, switch virtual desktop. Unfortunately, the new start menu doesn't really rock. I suggest you have a look at my suggestion about the Search Everywhere Interface and maybe vote on it.

Why would anyone want to use Windows 2008 R2 Server as a workstation? The main arguments in my case are the superior firewall and user account control. Now, if you want to do the same, you can go to and get a really detailed howto with screenshots - or you can read this post for a really short checklist, something I prefer to have for future installs of the same variety. Do you want to know more?