If you like electronic music, you obviously lurk getworkdonemusic.com all the time with jDownloader running, so you can copy the link to any nice track on the air and download it, slowly aquiring a groovy selection of electronic music for the lonely train hours where you have to get work done, offline style. Sometimes, however, these tracks are in wave format, for reasons that are completely beyond me. A quick google search for »convert WAV to MP3« points you towards a huge selection of shitware, when it could be so much easier: Fire up VLC, the best media player in the world ((This post refers to VLC media player 2.0.5 Twoflower.)) and go * Media, Convert/Save (Ctrl+R) * Add your file to the list. * Click the button that says Convert/Save. * Select a destination file. * Set the profile to Audio - MP3 and hit Start. Also, make sure you don't have VLC set to loop, because otherwise it'll spend the next few hours overwriting that file with the same converted MP3 again and again. True story.