Make a USB stick bootable in Windows

In the process of doing some windows customization, Chuck shot his Windows dead. Hence, we needed a USB stick to boot Grml. It's quite easy to make a USB stick bootable in Windows, and here's the short version: I will assume that your USB stick is drive U:. Use the command-line tool diskpart and use the command list disk to find your USB stick (check the size). Then, enter:
select disk <usb stick number>
create partition primary
select partition=1
format fs=ntfs quick label=”overdrive”
and exit the diskpart utility. Finally, use
bootsect /nt60 U:
xcopy <image>:\*.* U:\*.* /S /E /F
to first make the stick bootable and then copy all data to the stick, where image is a directory where the files from your ISO reside. If you do not have the bootsect utility for some reason, grab it from a friend who has Windows 7.

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