Switching Keys!

The university supplied me with this really cool yoga 2 pro notebook and even though I have grown to like it, it does have some serious design flaws. I will not go into detail on all of those, but one problem is that they decided to put the End and the Insert key onto the same button, and to press End you have to simultaneously hold the function key, which is on the opposite side of the keyboard ((I am talking about the German Keyboard layout by the way. I realize now that I am quite possibly the only person on the planet with this problem.)). I personally need to press End quite frequently while typing text or code, while Insert is only required occasionally. To make a rather boring story short at the very least, I got myself SharpKeys, an open source tool which alters a registry key that is able to re-map keys as you see fit. It's quite awesome. Apparently, some people use it to turn off the capslock key. WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT?

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  1. Mein Tablet/Convertible hat leider keine Funktionstasten sondern nur sonder tasten die per Fn zu den jeweiligen Funktiostasten werden. Hatte die Hoffnung das hiermit zu änndern, klappt aber leider bei mir nicht, weil laut SharpKeys die Sondertasten alle den selben, nicht nutzbaren Keycode haben.

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