How to publish ancillary files on the arXiv

Hello, fellow applied mathematicians and computer scientists, hello also to all the brave physicists who use the [arXiv]( Did you know that you can [publish source code and other ancillary files on the arXiv](, along with your preprint? If you didn't, this must be great news for you. However, if you ever tried to actually do this, you *might* have been just as confused as me. It's actually quite likely that you were, because as soon as this blogpost has vanished from the front page, I am pretty sure that a google search is what led you here. > Ancillary files are included with an arXiv submission by placing them in a directory anc at the root of the submission package. If you are a novice to uploading files to the arXiv, like me, this might be confusing. What is the *submission package*? I only ever submitted a single $\KaTeX$ file! Well, let me put it straight for you. - In the directory with your .tex file(s), make a directory called anc. - Place all your source code and stuff in that directory. - Make a zip file containing all your LaTeX sources and the folder anc. - Upload that zip file to the arXiv. Trust me - everything will be fine.

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  1. Ooops. I want to put a lot of matlab programs into my submission. Unfortunately the are in a directory called MatLab In this directory you will find five directories: 1D 2D 3D General Transport For example 3D contains the directories: MaxwellOld3 Operators3 WaveScalarTrivial3 Operators3 contains the files ConvergenceRate.m FieldDivergenceDual3.m Grad3.m Curl3.m FieldGradientPrimal3.m Grids3.m Div3.m FieldNormalPrimal3.m TestAccuracy3.m FieldCurlPrimal3.m FieldScalarPrimal3.m TestZero3.m FieldDensityPrimal3.m FieldTangentPrimal3.m Will this work? I suppose I could just put in a zip file all programs??? You are correct that the instructions of arXiv are not all that helpful!
    1. I will admit, I have no experience with trying to upload an archive as an ancillary file, i.e. putting an archive into the anc folder. If I had to guess however, I would expect that this will indeed work in the sense that any file inside the anc directory will be uploaded as an ancillary file (even if it is, e.g., a zip file itself).

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