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I have finally solved an annoying problem with my Windows 10 setup which was sortof hard to Google, so I am sharing. For quite some time, the computer had refused to go to sleep when it was not running on battery. Instead of going to sleep when instructed to, it would simply turn off the screen and mute the volume while continuing to *actually not sleep*. Moving the mouse a tiny bit would swiftly end the charade. In a recent fit of rage I decided to inspect the event log, and behold, there were some Kernel Power events that said: > _The system is entering Away Mode._ Which is entirely _not_ what I wanted when I told it to go to sleep. However, there was no option _anywhere_ in the power settings to be found that turned off this _"Away Mode"_. Well, the option actually does exist, but for some reason it is not visible unless you set the Attributes value to 2 in the following, easily memorable registry key:
Armed with this registry tweak, you can go back to the _"advanced"_ power settings, aka:
rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL PowerCfg.cpl @0,/editplan:
Navigate to Sleep and there should be an option that says Allow Away Mode Policy or something similar. And that policy should be set to no, not even when plugged in, never, just sleep, for crying out loud, why does this even exist.

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  1. Thank you so much! This problem is so annoying and I've tried nearly every solution I could find online. Finally, something actually worked.
  2. For some reason I kept in the away mode when trying to sleep. Even in event viewer I do not know why it is entering away mode. I also tried viewing the sources that block sleeping, which seems to be the audio recording device (for noise cancellation?). However I cannot block that either using a series commands. I almost gave up. Man you saved my tons of time with this trick! Thank you so much!
  3. Holy shit, I almost went insane trying to solve this. Thank you!!! Why such bullshit functionality exists in the first place..
  4. Thanks heaps rattle, I was all over Microsoft forums trying to find a solution to this but instead of answers they tend to just say reset to factory settings which helps nothing at all. One Microsoft rep even tried to say that turning off your monitor is the same as sleep. Anyways, this worked a treat, and I'm glad I have the option to disable Away mode now whenever needed
  5. Nice . The interwebs like a giant brain, where the most esoteric tweak floats to the top on command
  6. Trying to put your PC at sleep at 3 AM while you're tired and want to go to bed only to find out you can't and need to troubleshoot the issue first.. man I'm so glad I stumbled upon a guys comment mentioning his pc being set to away as opposed to sleep which in turn led me to this page. You better start wearing a cape from now on because you sir, are a hero!
  7. You are a hero! All the other posts I've found did not help and it seems Windows support don't have a clue with this issue. I think it's possible a driver update caused this and you've saved me going through everything one by one.
  8. An a I thought the problem was that I was running an 11 year old I7-920 system... It turned out to be crappy Windows code (again).... Thanks!!!
  9. I wish this helped me. I have Win 10 v20H2 build 19042.572. The registry keys are different and in power options, the away mode feature in power options is under Multimedia settings, When sharing media. I have mine set to "allow the computer to sleep" and the issue still exists.
  10. And another pack of thanks goes to you! BTW, I googled it a bit and it seems this mode is intended for safely leaving one's workplace with some tasks being processed but without worrying about cats on the keyboard, curious people around etc. So in fact it could be useful if only toggled independently and not randomly replacing Sleep...
  11. Incredible. Had this problem for ages ! and only in AC-MODE. Your turn-around worked like a charm. Thanks man :)
  12. Add one more to the "you saved me a lot of trouble" list! Absolutely the fix that I needed.
  13. Much appreciate it for the post! This problem has been annoying me for months. I've been searched around for a possible solution and tried many, either from Microsoft form or someone's posts, none of them works.

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