HowTo build TaskWarrior from source without root privileges

The new version of TaskWarrior (2.2.0) supports the new field scheduled which is/maybe pretty handy. The short version of how to install it on a linux machine (without asking root): Follow the instructions in the file INSTALL from the source tarball and set the flag DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX of cmake to your home directory. The long version: Grab the latest download link from the TaskWarrior Download page and do something like
mkdir src
cd src
wget ""
tar xvfz task-2.2.0.tar.gz
cd task-2.2.0
make install
you will end up with a directory called bin where the executable task now resides. The file /home/YOURHOMEDIRECTORY/.taskrc can be used to configure TaskWarrior as you are used to. On a freshly installed debian you might have to do:
aptitude install build-essential
* Update (2015-06-27): one should also include -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release to the call of cmake (see [the official instructions]( * Update (2016-04-03): one should also install libgnutls28-dev under debian now to build TaskWarrior.

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