Say you work somewhere where all workstations run Linux, only you have Windows on your laptop, which you basically use all the time. Now as I type this, I am not sure if anyone else shares my fate. Anyway; this does not stop you from running some of the cool Linux tools. Just install CygwinX (through the regular Cygwin installer) and start the XServer from the start menu. Icons will appear in your taskbar and you can start an XTerm. Inside that XTerm, type:$ ssh -Y
Last login: Thu Sep 17 12:43:19 2015 from$ xmaple
and there you go!
Maple on Windows
Maple on Windows
The -Y switch is the one that does all the magic, obviously.

The new version of TaskWarrior (2.2.0) supports the new field scheduled which is/maybe pretty handy. The short version of how to install it on a linux machine (without asking root): Follow the instructions in the file INSTALL from the source tarball and set the flag DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX of cmake to your home directory. Do you want to know more?

This guide is for the people who only want to get this thing done where you only type
ssh remotehost
to ssh to your server at with the user u3321445longandunhandy on a windows pc with cygwin. Do you want to know more?